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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mischievous Puppy Cake


This  is one  of my  favourite cakes.  I really  had a lot of  fun making it and everything came together so beautifully and, amazingly, with time to spare.

I made it for my niece who  turned  11 and has a puppy  named Dugger! She wanted her puppy on the top of  the  cake  digging  and then his  brother  Winston, who belongs to my Mum, jumping up on  the side of the cake. They are Cockapoos and are so adorable, which made them great fun to model from!


Everything is made from modeling chocolate, except the large bone sign which is made from fondant. The board is covered with fondant which I dusted with black dusting powder once I had done the brick work. I used Bourbon biscuits to create the dirt and I had Dugger sat on a little plaque so that she could save him and he wouldn't just become a headless dog on a shelf after the party!


Dugger and Winston have so much character and it was great to be able to show that in this cake. Winston constantly jumps up! I honestly think that he spends more time on his hind legs than he does on all fours! Dugger on the other hand is always digging and chewing! My children are really having fun with these two little puppies.


Olivia loved her cake and she certainly showed it upon seeing it. She is quite the dramatic child which is great when it come to surprises. She never let's you down, by giving just a half hearted thank you, it truly is a full on dramatic thank you. She reminds me a lot of Anne of Green Gables!


I am really excited now to start my next project, which involves more modeling chocolate. I am loving this new medium I am working with. It really does give some great results.

Sugar & Spice Cake Shop, Hannah~


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