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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Guitar Cake & Ice Skating Cake

It's been some time since my last post here and I've missed quite a few events, so slowly slowly I'll catch up.

Five weeks ago we travelled to England. I can't believe it's been that long as it feels like only two! We are almost half way through our visit here and I am more than half done with my cake orders! These cake orders are actually for all my family. It has been a complete joy to make cakes for such amazing girls, they are my sweet nieces! 

My sister's twins turned 13! I remember when they were born and the excitement that flowed through our family because our little Beth had twins!! They were adorable and 13 years later they have turned into beautiful young ladies! I am so grateful to have been here to make their cakes, which is something I have never done, except their baby shower cakes.


They both have similar likes and one went for a musical theme and the other went for an ice theme. I thought it would nice to add flowers to the cake, to give them a more girl feel. Both girls love to try doing new things so one afternoon we had a lesson in making sugar roses! They did extremely well! I was shocked at how quickly they picked it up. I think they were very proud that they got to make something which went on their cake.


                                                            Molly's Cake


                                                         Elizabeth's Cake


I enjoyed making these cakes even though it was a little difficult because I hadn't got all my tools with me and I wasn't using my favourite fondant! Somethings I really depend on when it comes to making cakes, nevertheless they turned out well.

Sugar and Spice Cake Shop, Hannah~


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