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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hobbit Cake and Party

My eldest son turned twelve in January and he is really into the Hobbit. It was required of him to read the book first before seeing the first movie and even then we edited the movie as it's pretty violent for a young child. He is dying to see the second movie, but I have heard it is even worst then the first so we are holding of until he's a lot older, (unfortunately he's not overly happy about that!)

He had a wonderful party and the best part was that he got to share it with his cousins! They happened to be in town so he was completely stoked!

We held the party at a local park and began the adventure like JR Tolken began the book. All the dwarfs, aka children, came and Bilbo, or should I really say we, provided a very rustic feast. Root beer was handed out and of course then came the burps!

After we were all full, the adventure began! We headed off into the woods and down by the river where we met Gollum, found the ring, answered many many riddles and also found Bilbo's dagger, Gandalf's Staff and Thorin's Key, which were hidden deep in the trees and were only allowed to be retrieved if it had the child's name on it. I am thankful we didn't find any snakes!

It was then back to the main park for cake and presents! I enjoyed making this cake so much. It was great fun making all the little details and my favourite part was actually being able to use the White Elephant Christmas Gift! See our little dragon in the background?! We found a use for him after we actually stole him back from the annual Christmas party we attend!

Each child took home a knapsack full of Hobbit surprises, such as apples, riddles, rings, hobbit pops and best of all second breakfast lip balm!

My boy had so much fun and his face was a delight! My silly Hobbit boys!

 Sugar & Spice Cake Shop, Hannah~


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