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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sea Turtle Birthday Cake

When given a theme or colours for a cake most of the time the ideas come quickly and usually I know how I want the cake to look, but with this cake is was quite different. I was given the theme and colours and I knew I wanted a turtle on top of the cake, but that was it. No ideas came. Some came and went. It wasn't until the day before I delivered it that inspiration finally came. It is now one of my favourite cakes.

Sea Turtle cake

Smash cake
The smash cake was a 4" cake and iced with buttercream so the little boy could easily get all messy! I started with a very smooth cake and then suddenly got the idea of making waves so I added a little blue and this was the result.

I loved making this cake and it certainly turned out better than I expected, especially since I had no ideas for it in the first place.

Sugar & Spice Cake Shop, Hannah~


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