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Friday, January 18, 2013

White Elephant Cookie aka Ugly Dragon Cookie

My friend has an After-Christmas Party every year and last year was the first time we were able to make it. Unbeknownst to us a hideous dragon was being passed around. It all started when the host was given it as a real gift one year from her relative. Yes, someone actually went to the store and purchased this thing thinking of her!! There is a plus to the dragon, it lights up!!!

Last year we were blessed and picked him out from the wonderful selection of wrapped gifts. What joy it brought us all year long. NOT!!! 

This year it was our turn to pass him on and of course everyone is looking for the dragon shaped box, plus if they are smart enough they remember who took it home last year and will keep an eye out when that person enters the room. Luckily though our host directed the gifts into the garage first before entering the house so only she knew who brought which gift. There were two gifts per couple so although she knew we had it she had no idea which gift it was because I came up with a cunning plan!!!

I decided to make a cookie looking like the dragon and attached a tag saying "Congratulations, you are the winner!! This is a replica of your gift which will be handed to you in just a few minutes. Enjoy!" It was wrapped it in a small flat box, that no one would have guessed was the dragon gift.  Of course my poor friend who did pick it said "I'm picking the smallest gift, since the dragon won't be in there" and reached under the tree grabbing the little package. My husband and I sat there so quite as she unwrapped it and once the laughter had subsided and the tag read she was handed the real mccoy.

One very ugly Dragon Cookie

Even though I feel bad for my friend at getting this incredibly ugly fella at least she got a tasty cookie! Problem is she'll have to eat it with her eyes closed as not to get too freaked out. haha

Sugar & Spice, Hannah!


Naomi said...

That is so hilarious!! Very clever Hannah!! It is funny because I just went to my first White elephant party also after Christmas. It was so much fun. No dragons though!

Gin said...

You are one sneaky lady, Hannah...I love it! We used to have White elephant parties at the College. They could get quite hilarious. Glad you had fun with it. Gin

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