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Monday, December 31, 2012

Mini Christmas Cakes

Well it's the end of another year, so before I sign off Christmas 2012 I wanted to leave you with some Mini Christmas Cakes I made. The recipe is from Fiona Cairns who made Prince William and Catherine's Wedding Cake. It is a very delicious fruit cake and is one I will probably make every year. I love it. 

It was great fun decorating these little cakes and to try and think of a different design for each little cake. My children gave one to each of their teachers whom seemed delighted to receive them. I hope they liked the taste of them especially since American's are not too fond of fruit cake. Since these cakes were fit for a "King", who couldn't like them!

I found these really nice clear boxes to present the little cakes in and it really finished them off with the ribbon and tag.

Hoping you all have a wonderful New Year

Sugar & Spice, Hannah


Naomi said...

Lovely Hannah. You are so talented!!

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