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Sunday, July 8, 2012


Wasn't that an amazing game!! Yes I am a Wimbledon fan and watch it as soon as it comes on. Of course always rooting for the Brits, but then moving on to the more favoured players like Federer and Nadal. I was in shock when Nadal was knocked out so early on. I love watching him play and my all time favourite game was when Federer and Nadal went head to head in 2008 and the game seemed to last all night long. In the end Nadal took the title and it was a bitter-sweet moment. Federer did come back the next year to win his 6th title at Wimbledon and I think today was one of those moments when the whole country was rooting for their man Murray, but yet didn't mind if Federer won as he has stolen the hearts of most of us.

Murray made us all proud today and to celebrate his great game I made some Tennis ball cake pops! The kids had great fun eating them watching the game and perhaps next year we will be celebrating Murray's Championship of Wimbledon!!

I made the cake inside to look like the Wimbledon logo, minus the tennis rackets and ball!! They were pretty tasty and I've finally found some relatively good chocolate. I still need plenty of practice to gain that perfectly round, smooth cake pop which so many people seem to be able to pull off. I find it's a lot more tricky than people make out, especially the smooth ones. Adding sprinkles etc., is a great way to hide the flaws in cake pops and makes a great effect, but leaving them plain is a whole other story. Well I guess I'll be applying the words I so often hear myself say to my children "Practice makes perfect!"

Here's how we watched the tennis match this morning as it wasn't broadcasted until 3pm here in the states and I simply had to watch it live.

Sat in our jammies eating cake pops and drinking orange juice at nine in the morning! Whiskers, our pet bunny, is eating all the cake pop crumbs!

Have a great week

Sugar & Spice, Hannah~


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