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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rainbow Cake

I decided to have some fun with my kids and make rainbow cake the natural way! It was an experiment and one that I'll never attempt again. My whole kitchen was covered in spinach, beetroot, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and carrot puree and it took a long time cooking, blending and sieving the different ingredients to try and get the colours I wanted. They still didn't turn out the way I wanted them and if ever asked to make this cake again I'll use the ready made dyes.

The kids had fun in the beginning, but towards the end was just wondering when they could eat it. We made red with raspberries (a lot of them as it was purple at first), Orange with carrots, yellow with egg yolks, green with spinach, blue with blueberries (a lot of them!), violet and indigo (which actually looks like the same colour and more like a pale purple) with a combination of raspberries and blackberries.

At first we used beetroot to make red and the batter was an incredible colour. I was so looking forward to see what it would look like and in my mind visualized a vibrant colour red. Only to my surprise it came out like this!!! I have no idea what happen.

I have a lot of cake now in my freezer, (all expect the beetroot cake as I threw it away) waiting to be made into cake balls or cake pops as we made so many different colours that didn't quite turn out right. In the end I gave up and made the cake with the nearest colours to the rainbow as I could.

I did discover this blog Rainbow Cake that made rainbow cake with natural dyes in case you wanted to experiment yourself. If you do attempt it let me know how it turns out as I'd love to know, but I'm not about to try it myself after my mess up!!

Have fun
Sugar & Spice, Hannah~


by Kristin Alvarado said...

Well, the end result is gorgeous nonetheless! Good for you, turning your kitchen into a science lab for a spell! :) I love how close you were able to get using natural dyes--very cool.

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