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Saturday, May 19, 2012

School is Out!

Well that year certainly flew by! I can not believe my oldest son will be going into 5th Grade, my little girl will be in 2nd Grade and my baby boy will be going to school for the 1st time this coming August. I didn't know time went super fast as soon as you become a Mother. I look back at the baby days as if it were yesterday and yet three big children stand before me reminding me it wasn't yesterday!

I am looking forward to this summer and spending some great time with my dear children. It will be hard at first to adjust to one another and I know I'll be breaking up a few fights. I also know that at the end of the summer they won't want to go back and I won't want them to either. I have considered homeschooling them as I really do miss them when they are in school, but I'm not sure I'm a very good teacher and my patience is not overflowing. Somehow I just don't understand why they don't get it the first time I explain something to them. I have to remind myself "do I get it the first time God shows me something?" No. "Do I make the same mistakes on my cakes and cookies?" Yes.

We are truly blessed to be able to send our children to a Christian School. Park Avenue Christian School is such an amazing school. The teachers really do love our children and although it is a tough school academically, they are getting what we have poured into their lives since day one and that is the love of Christ. The teachers and staff work so hard loving, guiding, caring and teaching our kids and I love them for that. At the end of the year I am delighted to be able to thank them for all their hard work throughout the year.

This year I got a new cookie cutter, which I had been dying to use, so I pulled it out and the ideas came flooding. I made each teacher and staff member a beehive cookie with fun tags saying "Thank you for bee-ing so kind" or "Thank you for bee-ing a great teacher". They also all got a honey cupcake and for my children's homeroom teacher and principal I gave them a basket of goodies. I had so much fun making them and they really came together well.

Honey Cupcakes

I added a recipe card to make Honey Coffee!
I love honey and lemon when I am suffering with a cold, which made me think of adding lemon to the basket with this fun little card
The teachers, of course, loved it and my children were delighted to hand them out to them. Jack also made a little apple and ruler out of Fimo clay, for his teacher. I wished I had taken a photo to show you and brag about how wonderful he is doing in creating things out of clay. I am very proud of him.

Today begins the first day of our summer. Unfortunately for the kids I have one more cake to finish and then I am all theirs for 11 weeks!!

Hoping your summer will be full of fun and relaxation and if it hasn't started yet, then I hope it will be when it comes :)

Sugar & Spice, Hannah~


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