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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am not Super Mum or a Super Baker!!

Oh, but I wish I were!  To be in lots of different places at once and doing lots of different things at the same time seems very appealing to me, but last night I discovered I can not do more than two things because look what happened!

Any guess at what those very very dark cookies are supposed to be? (And no they are not chocolate cookies!)

Ballet Point Shoes! BURNT TO A CRISP!

First of all, I forgot to put a hole in the top of the cookie. So I had the bright idea of putting them back into the oven to soften up enough for me to poke a hole in them, at the same time as assisting my 10 year old on a school project of making a model of the urinary system.  Sounds like fun, eh!  Well actually it was and I became so focused on helping my son that I totally forgot about the cookies and this is the result!

At least he did a great job on his project :) Perhaps it actually helps having a mother who enjoys modeling pieces of fondant or clay.  He kept saying (in his American little accent) "Mom, it's my project!" I will admit I did make the kidneys, but he made everything else.  Clever lad

Urinary System made from Fimo clay

Hope you have a better baking day than I did yesterday :)

Sugar & Spice, Hannah~


Naomi said...

Now that is really clever! Well done Jack ;)

As for the ballet shoes, I knew what they were before you even shared it.... see your burnt cookies still look better than mine!

I think you have an assistant.

love you,

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