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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mr. Men Cake

It was my son's birthday yesterday and he chose a Mr. Men themed birthday.  I kept it very simple as we were very busy with other family commitments, so I decided the easiest decorations would be Mr. Men cookies placed on the cake.  It worked so well and his little face was a picture when he came out in the morning and saw it.  He was so sleepy and had to get dressed first before he saw his cake (his idea).  So the pictures are just too cute of his sleepy face with bed hair and his chosen clothes for his birthday :)

The cookie characters came together really well and quite quickly.  I really love the Mr. Men as their vibrant colours and brilliant names make for a really fun cake!

Mr. Messy!  He was great to create because it really didn't matter how the icing went on as long as it's on the cookie!  I bet my children could have made this cookie just as good :)
Mr. Nosey and Mr. Bump (I actually had an accident with Mr. Bump.  I put my finger on this foot whilst icing his bandages and sadly it left an indent, but it couldn't have happened to a more appropriate Mr. Man!)

Here are Mr. Happy, Mr. Strong and of course my son's favourite, Mr Tickle!  He likes anything orange.  Before baking I inserted toothpicks into the cookies as I wanted to place these on the top of the cake.
Mr. Happy always makes me smile :D

The cake itself is an Orange Cake with Orange buttercream.  It tasted delicious!  Unfortunately though the actual structure of the cake didn't go too well and if you look really close you can see it's imperfections. I tried to hide them as much as possible and would have started again, but for my Mother saying "it looks fine, he's only four and will never know." Of course she is right, but I do get so focused on the imperfections.  I find I am always learning on what doesn't work more that what does!

 I hope you like my Mr. Men cake and it makes you smile as much as it does me.

I hope to post the orange cake recipe and buttercream as it was really moist and delicious and would be a great recipe to share.

Sugar & Spice, Hannah~


Naomi said...

Wow that is one amazing Mr Men cake! I love it! And a very happy birthday to my dear nephew William!

Anonymous said...

Did you cut out the cookies free hand or did you find some cookie cutters? It looks fab by the way

Hannah said...

Thanks for stopping by. I did them free hand. Since I was only making one of each it wasn't too bad but I couldn't imagine doing if I had dozens to make. I found the simplest looking images on google and then printed them out. Then I used parchment paper and traced around the picture and cut it out. Parchment paper is great as it sticks to the cookie dough so you don't have to hold it on as you cut around it. Some of the edges are a little rough but just use your hand to smooth it out. These are some of my favourite cookies I've made as they are so vibrant and fun, but then I just love the Mr Men!

If you have any other questions, just ask as I'd be glad to help. Hannah~

meeenals said...

Your cookies look really fantastic. What did you use to colour them? Sorry, it might sound a bit silly but I've never come across ready-to-use icing tube colours in these colours and your colours are the exact match of the original ones.

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