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Friday, April 20, 2012

Magic Line Cake Pans and Upcoming Giveaway

When starting out baking cakes I never really gave it a thought of good quality cake pans.  As long as they were round with straight sides they would work, right?! Well over the years I've found that it really does matter, it's taken me a long time to discover this and after so many cakes just not coming out evenly I decided to get more information on how to make that perfect cake.

It was after the purchase of Sharon Zambito's DVD's SugarEd Productions that I found that it was really important to get good cake pans. She recommended Magic Line cake pans, so I found them online and invested in some.  I absolutely love them!  My cakes come out so perfectly level and golden. So I said goodbye to my Wilton pans and just use Magic Line, until I got asked to make a lot of cakes!

For our church's Valentine's Dinner I was asked to make 12, 6" chocolate cakes covered with chocolate ganche. Which means 24 baked cakes!!  With only one 6" pan I knew I was going to be at it all day and night, so I borrowed my friends Wilton pan and then I bought 2 more at Walmart for $6 each since I didn't have time to order my favourite Magic Line. (Still can't believe I bought them!)

Since the Valentine's cakes were chocolate I didn't notice a whole lot of difference in colour only their shape.  The cakes in the Wilton pan didn't rise as much and have a sharp edge on them when turn upside down.  It didn't matter too much as I knew I was pouring royal icing on the top and the edge would be hidden.

A few weeks ago I was asked to make a small cake accompanied with cupcakes so I pulled out my Magic Line pan and a Wilton pan, made up the cake batter and was careful to put the same amount in each pan (I didn't want one bigger than the other.)  I place both cake in the oven side by side making sure I left 2" between the cakes and surrounding walls and I pulled them out the same time, cooled them the for the same time then turned them out on a cooling rack.  Look what happen!!!!

I was simply astonished! I now will ALWAYS use Magic Line pans.  

I purchased mine from Global Sugar Art. They are selling a set of 5 for $35.09 on sale. At the moment they are out of stock, but I am sure they will come in soon.

Here is another place which are $34.99 for a set of 5 pans Cooks Dream (you'll have to research which is the best value including shipping) and for individual purchase I've bought them from Country Kitchen SweetArt 

For my upcoming giveaway to celebrate 600 Facebook fans I'll be giving away 2 of these wonderful Magic Line pans. One 6" and one 8" pan and a dozen cookies. So stay posted.

Enjoy this day

Sugar & Spice, Hannah ~


Anonymous said...

How interesting, the color of the cake on the left looks just like Sharon's. I love her DVD's thanks for posting this. Looks like I need to get new pans, do you ever use the bake even strips?

Hannah said...

I don't use the bake even strips on the smaller cakes but when baking a larger cake, 10" and up, then I use them as they have to bake for so much longer. You certainly won't regret getting the Magic Line pans. I love them.

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