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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, Which Marks One year Blogging

Happy Valentine's Day to you.  I hope you were blessed and showered with love!  

I can not believe I have been blogging for one year today!!  The time has gone by so quickly and throughout the last year many times I've forgotten to post.  In a way I am glad as I know I was busy with my children, which is what is more important.  I would always be envious of those who could put out Valentine cookies in January.  For me I'm still doing January work, which is filled with Pastor's Conferences and my son's birthday, to think of the next holiday and while I so what to be ahead of the game I am not!

So here are my last minute cookies, which I made last night!!  Yes I had a plan which seemed to go out the window when I realized it was Teacher Appreciation Week and I was scheduled to make a Oreo Cheesecake, Tiramisu and 40 personalized Cookies!  

Sweetheart Cookies
I made red heart cookies for my daughter's school friends and for my son's I decided upon making Sweetheart Candy Cookies.  They were very simple to make and very effective.  The kids loved them!

I asked my husband to make the labels that looked like the box of Sweetheart Candy and this is what he came up with.  Brilliant!

For my children's teachers I ended up making Love Letters and Stamp cookies and putting them in a little tin mailbox that I got from Target for $1.  I wished it was my idea, but it wasn't I got it from and the wax seal I got from Both ladies are incredible cookie artist and have great ideas to share. Please visit their pages as you will be amazed at their talent!

 I am so pleased that everyone loved their cookies and it really was worth staying up making them for my little ones.  They loved it.  We had a great day showing how much we love our family, oh if only we would be appreciative of each other every day and not just every so often. May this be my goal! :)
Happy Baking
Sugar & Spice, Hannah~


Mary said...

Your Valentine Love Cookies were a tremendous hit; delicious, beautiful, elegantly presented, almost too lovely to eat...but then we did:)
Thank you!
Mary & Friends

Hannah said...

You are very welcome Mary. Glad you like them and glad you ate them :)

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