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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Angry Bird Party

My son just turned 10! He was going back and forth on a party theme and at the last minute decided upon Angry Birds.  I am so out of the loop that I hadn't a clue on what they were and so I had to do a little investigation to make sure it was nothing bad.  I found they were pretty harmless and so my husband and I set about organizing games and making invitations and decorations and of course wonderful cake!

 The decorations were so incredibly simple and inexpensive.  I take no credit for it being my idea as it wasn't, I did a google search and ended up finding some amazing ideas.
My husband ended up making a sling shot for one of the games and buying green and red balls to represent the pigs and red bird.  I ended up printing out some pig eyes and snout and sticking them onto the green balls.  The boys found this tremendous fun and I am sure their "shouts" and "hoorays" could be heard throughout the neighborhood. 

Apple dunking was played along with "toss the parcel" originally known as "pass the parcel".  This ended up being quite a laugh as the boys threw the parcel so hard that the gifts shot all over the garden/yard. "There's nowt like having a good laugh", as my fellow Yorkshire Man would say.
 My son requested cupcakes this year as he really doesn't like cake and fondant.  It seems that every year when I make an elaborate cake he blows the candle out and then runs off to play, leaving a whole cake for me to try and get rid off.  So this year I made sticky toffee cupcakes with toffee buttercream. Very very tasty, he enjoyed them immensely! 

I made cake pops, which I am still learning about and far from success.  I used melted white chocolate with food coloring in and just before they started to harden I sprinkled sparkling sugar on top (really to hide the flaws!).  I am finding it very hard to get white chocolate to work well.  I guess it might be because it's not really chocolate. 

Overall we had a really fun time celebrating his birthday and I can not believe my first born is 10. Time goes by too quickly and I am constantly reminding myself to enjoy every moment with my children because the next 10 years will go just as quick!

Sugar & Spice, Hannah~


Anonymous said...

Oh Hannah...what a FUN and MEMORABLE day for your family! Everything looks perfect for a little boy! You are right...ENJOY every moment because one day that boy will be a man...just like both of mine! --Ingrid Hall

Jennifer Lee said...

hi, there! I'm planning an Angry bird party for my son's 5th birthday and love your little angry bird faces... are those free printables you found on line? If so, would you mind posting the link? they are super cute! thanks, Jen

Hannah said...

Hi Jen, I just saw that I never replied to your comment. I am so sorry. I googled different images and then copied the image into pages and then took out all the background color, leaving only the eyes. Then I just changed the sizes of them depending what I was using them for. I'm sure there must be just eyes out there so you don't have do what I did, but I think I ended up getting fed up of researching and just the next best thing.
Hope this helps and sorry for the delay in reply.

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