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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Autumn Cookie Collection

Autumn Cookie Collection
 Baking in the Autumn is wonderful.  It warms the house on those cool days (which actually I don't get too many being in Florida) and fills it with a wonderful aroma. I love this time of year.

So while it's perfect weather I've been working on my Autumn Cookie Collection.  The colours have a warm feeling to them and I totally feel like I'm walking through the woods on a nippy morning when I look at them.
Fall Leaf Cookies

I dusted the leaves with petal dust and love the effect it gave them.  The veins were piped on and then I sprinkled disco dust on them.  They were very easy to make and the result is great.
Acorn Cookies

I also dusted the acorns and although they look great I think I will have to rethink it as the Royal Icing seemed to absorb the petal dust around the edges. Perhaps I'll have to invest in an airbrush for next year!!

I decided to try out Sugarbelle's design for the pumpkins.  They were so simple and I love the look of them.  Callye does some amazing work, you can find her at and also on Facebook (SugarBelle's) If you like making cookies and thought mine were good, go check out Callye's work!

Enjoy this season and all the wonderful things it brings.

Sugar & Spice, Hannah~


Mary said...

Dear Hannah, how delightful to read your blog and view all of your delicious creations. I'm especially fond of the Autumn ones as they remind me so much of New England. I hope to learn from you the how and pray not to 'taste' too much.
Lovely display; a delightful experience, thank you!

Hannah said...

Thank you so much Mary. These too are one of my favorite cookie collections. When I see them I am reminded of the cosy feel Autumn brings and the wonderful Autumn soups and homemade bread. I'll be posting a wonderful Oreo cheesecake recipe soon, so stay posted :)

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