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Monday, June 6, 2011

Peony By The Sea Wedding Cake

This weekend I've been busy making, delivering and setting up a wedding cake! I made this cake for a friend of mine who was getting married on Sanibel Island!! It was such a beautiful wedding and I was blessed to be part of it. We drove just over 4 hours to the destination and after the wedding headed straight to the reception to set up the cake! I would have done this before the wedding but the reception was on a boat and it wasn't in dock until after the wedding began, so I ended up setting the cake up as the guests were arriving. It was a little awkward but everyone understood and I think it brought great entertainment to them to watch me set the cake up as the boat bobbed up and down on the water! I got a little sea sick with my head down concentrating, but it all turned out in the end!

Peony by the sea!!

On the boat!

Peony Flower made from gum paste.

"With our feet in the sand, we pledge our love as one"
The three sets of feet represent the Bride, Groom and the Bride's son!

Starfish made from gum paste and dusted with petal dust

"Dreams" are made for eating?
and that's just what they did!!

Cutting and eating cake!!!

Have a sugar & spice filled day!


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