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Monday, May 9, 2011

A Royal Wedding Party!

In celebration of Prince William and Catherine's wedding we decided to have a royal party, so we sent out our Royal invitations and I began to bake!!! Of course we had the very traditional little sandwiches, quiche and sausage rolls, but we also threw in something royal! My husband made Chilled Tomato and Dill Mousse with Lobster, which was Princess Diana's favourite dish! We got the recipe from Darren McGrady's "Eating Royally" cook book. He was Princess Diana's Royal Chef! The book also had the "Chocolate Biscuit Cake" recipe, which Prince William had requested for his reception cake. I decided to make it and found that it was true with what was stated in the book, there were only crumbs left...!

Along with our menu I found this recipe from Victorious Cupcakes. It's a cream tea cupcake with a hand painted fondant butterfly! It was simply delicious!!!

I love making cookies and couldn't miss the opportunity of making more of these Royal Wedding Cookies. I ended up redoing the engagement ring as I wasn't completely satisfied with the previous one and personally I like it a lot better.

A selection of Royal Wedding Cookies

Royal Crowns
Each cookie was bagged and tied with satin ribbons

The Royal Wedding dessert table!

Princess Catherine's Engagement Ring

The Royal Crown

Royal Love Hearts

And of course the Wedding Cake with the Union Jack!


Victorious Cupcakes said...

Just came across this Hannah. Thanks for the mention, glad you liked the recipe :0)

Hannah said...

I have to make it again as it really was a great recipe. Thanks for sharing. Funny I totally forgot I posted it. I was just starting out on this new blog and didn't know half that I know now, hence the small pictures and no links. I'll have to link your Facebook page to this post. :) Thanks for stopping by.

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