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Monday, May 23, 2011

End Of Year School Cookies!

I can hardly believe school is over and the summer is beginning!!! The year has gone so fast, at least for the adults. The children, however, probably felt that it was endless!! Teachers work so hard throughout the year teaching and preparing our little ones for their future. It requires much patience and love and kindness to be effective at their work and I simply love my children's teachers!!!! I felt it only fitting to make cookies for them to show my appreciation!

A selection of School Cookies

Each cookie was bagged and a tag saying "Thank you" was attached.

Cookies in Jars!!

Music, PE, Spanish, Library & Art Teachers all received a jar of school cookies!

Administration staff received a jar of apple - cookies!!!

My Children's homeroom teacher and the Principal all received a basket of cookie 
with of course coffee and a gift card!!!

The cookies were relatively easy to make as long as the youngest child of my family doesn't decide to put his fingers on the wet icing of the apples!!! He made out good and ate the ones he had touched!! I always make extra just in case and this time I was glad of it!!

It took a few days making these cookies and making up the jars and baskets, but in comparison of the hours our teachers put in it's really nothing!!

Have Sugar & Spice Day! (perhaps just a hint of spice!!)


Naomi said...

Oh Hannah, I am so proud of you!! This blog is wonderful and you have done such a great job putting it together!!! As for these cookies ~ well what can I say? You really are gifted! I wish I could order some from you for all my children's teachers!!! It is such a wonderful gift and there is no way I could make them! Guess our teachers shall have to make do with just choc chip cookies!! Our children have three more weeks left at school including this one.

love you Sis,


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