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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Royal Wedding Cookies!

There is a Royal Wedding coming and the countdown is on until the actual event. On 29th April 2011 the whole of England will be gathered around their TV to watch Prince William and Catherine Middleton get married!! It will certainly be recorded in the history books along with the many other Royal Weddings in the past, only for this one we get to witness with our own eyes!!!

I took this opportunity to make some "Royal Wedding Cookies" and I shipped them to England to be sold at Selah Coffee House! I am sure the Brits will enjoy these with a good old cuppa!!

I really enjoyed designing them and then watching them come to life as I began to decorate them. There was no doubt that I had to make a wedding cake cookie, and it was only fitting that it was to be decorated with the Union Jack!!! I also decided to make the two hearts joined as in 22 days William and Kate's hearts will become one! The ring could not be left out as it is so significant in this marriage, it was, of course, Princess Diana's ring and is now passed down to the future Queen. I am sure she is honoured to wear it. There is a Royal Crown cookie also, but it is not in this picture, those I will post later.

Royal Wedding Cookies!

I have found it a great delight to create these cookies for this special occasion and I hope like me come 29th April you'll be grabbing your biscuit (cookie) and your Yorkshire Tea to celebrate with Prince William and Catherine!!!