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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coffee or Cake? Why not all in one!!!


This cupcake is perfect for adult company, although my little girl likes them! The cake is moist with a hint of coffee flavour and the cappuccino frosting is smooth and creamy. It is made from mascarpone which is quite expensive in the US so I made my own. If you are making your own mascarpone then you do need to plan ahead as it takes two days to make, but is well worth it and is relatively easy using old fashion techniques. It is a great combination, the perfect cupcake!!!


Linda said...

YUM! These would do well at 35 north!

Hannah said...

My 1st comment Linda!! You're the best! You were one of the 1st ones to like me on facebook, (3rd to be exact) What a true fan!

Yes they would do great at 35 North! I have one left, I'll get Len to take it to work with him so you can sample it!!

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