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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ladybug Baby Shower Cake

The most lovely lady came to me and asked if I could make her friend a baby shower cake. The theme: ladybugs because this shower was unique, it was for their upcoming adoption of a sweet little girl in China!

How fun it was to design this cake to celebrate the most wonderful gift of adoption! This couple had been waiting awhile to be accepted and in the few months they will be holding their new daughter in their arms.

This baby will be welcomed into a family full of love and joy, she'll have two older brothers to protect her and have endless hours of fun.

She truly has been born in their hearts!

The little cupcakes were for her Daddy and Brothers, so they could feel part of this wonderful celebration.

I made all the decorations from modeling chocolate. I am in love with this stuff! Seriously it is the best medium I have used when it comes to modeling figures. I always used gum paste or fondant with tylose powder, but my results were never perfect and there would be some cracks. I would have to work quickly to prevent it from drying out, which became an issue since I'm not the best at modeling things and would have to redo it many times. Modeling chocolate is so different, it never dries out or cracks and you can smooth out lines so easily. The only problem is, it does melt! So it's not great if you live somewhere hot! I live in Florida, so I've always been hesitant using it and just knew it would melt and not work. I have been able to find ways to prevent that from happening, so now I love it all the more!

Ladybugs are a great theme for a shower, but even more significant for the adoption of a little Chinese Child as it is thought to bring them luck. Personally I don't believe in luck, but I do believe that God has a perfect plan for each of our lives as we follow Him and put our trust in Him. There are no coincidences with Him!

There were a few hiccups with this cake and it almost seems that I can never make a cake now without something going wrong! I believe it is to keep me humble as I cry out to my Lord to help! And you know He usually does. So I can truly say it really wasn't me, but God receives all the glory!

The top tier was Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and it tasted great, but it was so moist that it wouldn't hold perfectly once the ganache was applied. Last night as I lay in bed wondering why it happened. I asked surely carrot cake can be covered in ganache and fondant? Yes it can, as I'd made one before and it was a great success and I was so pleased with it. I was racking my brain on what did I do wrong this time and I am so thankful that God laid it on my heart of what went wrong! So next time I make a carrot cake I'll make sure to change a few things and my hope is that I'll have success! I'll be doing some experimenting in the upcoming months as I don't have any orders until July!

My bottom tier was Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream, which I can usually do with my eyes closed, but again this time I made 2 mistakes! This time I knew immediately what happened. I made white chocolate ganache and instead of doing 3 part chocolate to 1 part cream, nugget head here decided to do 3 part chocolate to 1.5 part cream! White chocolate is a soft chocolate so it doesn't need as much cream in as dark chocolate, therefore because I used too much cream the ganache never set up hard! This became a problem when applying the fondant! My second mistake was the fondant was too thick! Can anyone say "Duh"?! Well I was saying that a lot when trying to smooth it and make those sharp edges, yeah it didn't work and if you notice at the bottom of the cake you can see a gathering of fondant as the cake began to settle!

So a note to any cake decorators out there. Remember 1. Follow the recipe! And 2. Don't roll your fondant so thick!

Glad I was able to share with you about my successes and my failures! So happy to make you all feel so much better! heehee

Blessings to you this week

Sugar & Spice Cake Shop, Hannah ~

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Oscar Night!

My children have the most amazing teachers, so when I was asked to make a cake and cookies for an event to honor them I jumped at the chance!

Trying to stay organized in my home and on top of making cookies and a cake was certainly a challenge, and by the end of the week we were in a bit of a turmoil! Needless to say the cake made it to the event just on time along with the cookies. Even though the cake wasn't quite finished, I believe no one really noticed and all enjoyed it.

The cake was Chocolate with Raspberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting and Lemon Cake with Lemon Swiss Meringue Buttercream. I was trying to be so organized with the cake, that I made up my lemon curd ahead of time and then when it came to filling the cake I completely forgot to put it in and only remembered once the cake was covered with ganache! Haha! The kids certainly didn't mind as I've now been making Lemon Curd Tarts!

Oscar Award Cookies

The Oscar Award Cookies were not my original idea. The lady who asked me to make them had found them on pinterest. I later discovered they were made by Bakerella. If you click on her page she tells you how to make them, although I found the cut in the round cookie didn't actually help because I made mine too small! They were fairly easy to make, expect the day I made them it rained and rained and  rained. It continued through the night making the humidity rise and the icing took twice as long to dry . This resulted in some of the statutes taking a nose dive onto the table. You can imagine my face when I woke the next morning to discover some of them flat on their faces! I had made extra but unfortunately not enough and some of them ended up having to be used!

"And Action..."
The ladies did an incredible job in decorating the room for the teachers! It looked wonderful. They put so much hard work into this and had been planning it for so many months, collecting gifts and different ideas. They spent so much time and money to pull this off to bless our teachers and I really don't know how they did it! Thank you for all your hard work Jenn and Wendy!

Until next time have a "sweet" time baking for and with your loved ones

Sugar & Spice Cake Shop, Hannah ~

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Under The Sea Cupcakes


These cupcakes were specially made for a baby shower. I made four different flavours and thought it would be nice to have four different toppers to be able to distinguish between them.

The toppers were made from a mixture of modeling chocolate and fondant and I used gold sugar crystals for the sand.

Flavours included

Boston Cream Pie
Strawberry Cream Tea
Double Chocolate 
Lemon Meringue 

The recipes were from the Hummingbird Bakery and were so delicious. If you haven't already, I highly recommend the Hummingbird Bakery App. It is free and so incredibly useful and even has videos on certain cupcake explaining how to make them. It is worth downloading it for sure!



The were displayed on a three tiered cake stand which I drapped tulle around to make it appear like they were under the sea. In actual fact it was my husband who set it up as I had another baby shower to set up at the exact same time! Didn't he do such a great job! What would I have done without him?!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sugar & Spice Cake Shop, Hannah~

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mischievous Puppy Cake


This  is one  of my  favourite cakes.  I really  had a lot of  fun making it and everything came together so beautifully and, amazingly, with time to spare.

I made it for my niece who  turned  11 and has a puppy  named Dugger! She wanted her puppy on the top of  the  cake  digging  and then his  brother  Winston, who belongs to my Mum, jumping up on  the side of the cake. They are Cockapoos and are so adorable, which made them great fun to model from!


Everything is made from modeling chocolate, except the large bone sign which is made from fondant. The board is covered with fondant which I dusted with black dusting powder once I had done the brick work. I used Bourbon biscuits to create the dirt and I had Dugger sat on a little plaque so that she could save him and he wouldn't just become a headless dog on a shelf after the party!


Dugger and Winston have so much character and it was great to be able to show that in this cake. Winston constantly jumps up! I honestly think that he spends more time on his hind legs than he does on all fours! Dugger on the other hand is always digging and chewing! My children are really having fun with these two little puppies.


Olivia loved her cake and she certainly showed it upon seeing it. She is quite the dramatic child which is great when it come to surprises. She never let's you down, by giving just a half hearted thank you, it truly is a full on dramatic thank you. She reminds me a lot of Anne of Green Gables!


I am really excited now to start my next project, which involves more modeling chocolate. I am loving this new medium I am working with. It really does give some great results.

Sugar & Spice Cake Shop, Hannah~

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Guitar Cake & Ice Skating Cake

It's been some time since my last post here and I've missed quite a few events, so slowly slowly I'll catch up.

Five weeks ago we travelled to England. I can't believe it's been that long as it feels like only two! We are almost half way through our visit here and I am more than half done with my cake orders! These cake orders are actually for all my family. It has been a complete joy to make cakes for such amazing girls, they are my sweet nieces! 

My sister's twins turned 13! I remember when they were born and the excitement that flowed through our family because our little Beth had twins!! They were adorable and 13 years later they have turned into beautiful young ladies! I am so grateful to have been here to make their cakes, which is something I have never done, except their baby shower cakes.


They both have similar likes and one went for a musical theme and the other went for an ice theme. I thought it would nice to add flowers to the cake, to give them a more girl feel. Both girls love to try doing new things so one afternoon we had a lesson in making sugar roses! They did extremely well! I was shocked at how quickly they picked it up. I think they were very proud that they got to make something which went on their cake.


                                                            Molly's Cake


                                                         Elizabeth's Cake


I enjoyed making these cakes even though it was a little difficult because I hadn't got all my tools with me and I wasn't using my favourite fondant! Somethings I really depend on when it comes to making cakes, nevertheless they turned out well.

Sugar and Spice Cake Shop, Hannah~

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Rose Cookies

Today is Mother's day and there is nothing more special for me than spending time with my husband and children. I have had a wonderful day with them today and was truly blessed and showered with wonderful homemade cards and homemade gifts. 

I love homemade things, they are so special and thoughtful and take much longer to do than just simply racing to the store to pick something up. It seems these days we have lost the art making things ourselves because we are usually too busy, time is something that we no longer have and so many of us say "time flies" but time really sits on it's hands as we rush by!

Don't rush today and miss the little things in life that one day will become the big things in our lives.

Happy Mother's Day!

Sugar & Spice Cake Shop, Hannah~

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hobbit Cake and Party

My eldest son turned twelve in January and he is really into the Hobbit. It was required of him to read the book first before seeing the first movie and even then we edited the movie as it's pretty violent for a young child. He is dying to see the second movie, but I have heard it is even worst then the first so we are holding of until he's a lot older, (unfortunately he's not overly happy about that!)

He had a wonderful party and the best part was that he got to share it with his cousins! They happened to be in town so he was completely stoked!

We held the party at a local park and began the adventure like JR Tolken began the book. All the dwarfs, aka children, came and Bilbo, or should I really say we, provided a very rustic feast. Root beer was handed out and of course then came the burps!

After we were all full, the adventure began! We headed off into the woods and down by the river where we met Gollum, found the ring, answered many many riddles and also found Bilbo's dagger, Gandalf's Staff and Thorin's Key, which were hidden deep in the trees and were only allowed to be retrieved if it had the child's name on it. I am thankful we didn't find any snakes!

It was then back to the main park for cake and presents! I enjoyed making this cake so much. It was great fun making all the little details and my favourite part was actually being able to use the White Elephant Christmas Gift! See our little dragon in the background?! We found a use for him after we actually stole him back from the annual Christmas party we attend!

Each child took home a knapsack full of Hobbit surprises, such as apples, riddles, rings, hobbit pops and best of all second breakfast lip balm!

My boy had so much fun and his face was a delight! My silly Hobbit boys!

 Sugar & Spice Cake Shop, Hannah~